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Book 003

Kaijumax: Season 1

Zander Cannon

When you first pick up Kaijumax, you'll think this is a fun and silly comic about giant monsters but then again you've probably never read anything by Zander Cannon. His stories are full of characters full of regrets and sorrow, and Kaijumax is no different. With imaginative illustrations and emotional dialogue, Kaijumax is a tale of both humans and monsters, locked away in the South Pacific coming to terms with who they truly are.

Graphic Novel and Signed Print, Edition of 50

$9.99 + Shipping

Book 002

Tetris: The Games People Play

Box Brown

Two of my favorite things are non-fiction comics and Tetris, so choosing this graphic novel was pretty much a no-brainer for me. Box Brown brings us the story of the most famous videogame created behind the Iron Curtain, and the legal battles that followed. Tetris: The Games People Play's well paced story and beautiful illustrations combined with a simple color palette, make this history lesson an unforgettable experience.

Graphic Novel and Signed Print, Edition of 50

$19.99 + Shipping

Book 001

Shutter, Vol 1: Wanderlost

Joe Keatinge & Leila Del Duca

Kate Kristopher, a retired adventurer who spent her 7th birthday on the moon, is now enjoying a pretty boring life. Of course, this all changes very quickly, but I'm not about to spoil how this adventure begins. Shutter is a book that reminds me how this medium can take you places you never thought were possible. Joe Keatinge's stellar tale combined with Leila Del Duca's enchanting illustrations bring to life an unpredictable world that defies all odds.

Graphic Novel and Signed Print, Edition of 50

$9.99 + Shipping